Jamieson Body Guard Joint & Bone Capsules

Jamieson Body Guard Joint & Bone Capsules

With Natural Eggshell Membrane and Vitamin D, 30 Capsules
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Jamieson BodyGUARD Joint & Bone benefits those who are looking for rapid, natural joint-pain relief and want to strengthen their bones and surrounding joints.

Why Jamieson BodyGUARD?

Inflammation of the joints, characterized by pain, swelling, stiffness or limited range of motion, ranks among Canadian women and men as a leading cause of disability.

The patented ingredients in Jamieson BodyGUARD formulas work fast to combat joint wear and tear and ease the debilitating complaints of joint pain and inflammation.

BodyGUARD Joint & Bone is a fast, effective once-a-day supplement containing 500 mg of Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®) to help relieve joint pain while building healthy bones. Patented and clinically tested, NEM® contains the same nutrients that make up our joint cartilage, which are important to maintain joint health and flexibility. In one recent clinical study, individuals taking 500mg of NEM daily experienced significant reduction of pain and stiffness after just ten days. Additional clinical trials have shown that 500mg of NEM daily resulted in significant improvement in joint flexibility and comfort in as little as 7 days, and a consistent level of improvement with continued use.

BodyGUARD Joint & Bone also contains 1000 IUs of vitamin D to improve bone strength and bone density.
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